For The Child Within Us: The World’s Biggest Ships Scaled As Wood Toys

[Image via PostlerFerguson] Like it or not, the holiday season (yes the holidays) are quickly approaching and every year we try to find some cool nautical gift ideas for the kids and adults alike.  Luckily for us, our favorite cool transportation blog Telstar Logistics points us to  an array of maritime themed items by the UK based PostlerFerguson.  Among these items, you'll … [Read more...]

Video Tour Of WWII Liberty Ship with Telstar Logistics

We just recorded episode 28 of Messing About In Ships, our weekly podcast about ships, and during the taping Peter Mello reminded me to follow up on our friend Todd Lappin's latest internet endeavor as corespondent for BoingBoing TV. Here are the details; BBtv guest correspondent and blog pal Todd Lappin of Telstar Logistics takes us inside a steam-powered World War II … [Read more...]

The Queen Mary 2 – Time Lapse Video

The most elegant ship built in decades has caught the inspiration of artists, photographers and ship spotters worldwide. She is elegant, record breaking and capable. She's also a YouTube Star! Here are two video that have reached over 25,000 viewers and for good reason. Take a look: The liner Queen Mary 2 slips under the Golden … [Read more...]

A Shipping Container Shortage?

Only in the eclectic world of the maritime blogosphere could the best provider of interesting content find its roots in a parking problem. Such is the case with our friends at Telstar Logistics who bring us a surprising update on the nation's trade imbalance... there is a shortage of shipping containers. The Wall Street Journal writes: Finding enough of the big metal … [Read more...]

Final Voyage – S/S Independence

Photo by dollar_bill Telstar Logistics provides details on this historic day: This is a"view of a newly vacant pier 70 shipyard, now that the Oceanic Independence has left to meet her doom." The 1950s-era ocean liner has been towed away. Where'd it go? We fear she's en route to India, where she may be broken up for scrap. (There's a lively debate about this taking … [Read more...]