Saturday, December 4, 2021
Cargo ship Guangdong Port
Maritime Security Incidents

Lithuania’s Goods Barred From Entering Chinese Ports

By Milda Seputyte (Bloomberg) –Lithuania’s dispute with China escalated after local media reported that goods from some of its companies were

December 4, 2021
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Monday, November 29, 2021
China Submarine Model Ship

As China Menaces Taiwan, the Island’s Friends Aid Its Secretive Submarine Project

By Mari Saito (Reuters) – For more than two decades, Taiwan tried to buy a fleet of modern conventional submarines to fend off an existential threat –

November 29, 2021
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Sunday, October 17, 2021

U.S. And Canadian Warships Sail Through Taiwan Strait To The Anger Of Beijing

TAIPEI, Oct 17 (Reuters) – A U.S. and a Canadian warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait late last week, the American military said on Sunday, at a time

October 17, 2021
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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Taiwan Doubles Down On Anti-Ship Weapons

By Yimou Lee (Reuters) – Taiwan’s extra military spending of T$240 billion ($8.6 billion) over the next five years will go mostly toward naval

October 5, 2021
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Friday, August 27, 2021
united states coast guard cutter

U.S. Coast Guard Patrols Taiwan Strait After Chinese Assault Drills

(Reuters) – A U.S. warship and a U.S. Coast Guard cutter sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Friday, the latest in what Washington calls routine

August 27, 2021
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Tuesday, April 6, 2021
FILE PHOTO: China's Liaoning aircraft carrier with accompanying fleet conducts a drill in an area of South China Sea

China Targets Taiwan With Carrier Battlegroup Drills

SHANGHAI, April 6 (Reuters) – A Chinese carrier group is exercising near Taiwan and such drills will become regular, China’s navy said

April 6, 2021
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Friday, February 5, 2021

China’s Latest Weapon Against Taiwan: The Sand Dredger

By Yimou Lee ON BOARD THE TAIWAN COAST GUARD SHIP PP-10062, East China Sea, Feb 5 (Reuters) – Taiwanese coast guard commander Lin Chie-ming is on the

February 5, 2021
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Friday, December 18, 2020

Booming Taiwan Begs Shippers Not To Jack Up Prices Amid Massive Box Shortage

by Ben Blanchard (Reuters) – Taiwan’s government has urged shipping companies not to unfairly push up their prices amid a global squeeze

December 18, 2020
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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
American Flag US Harpoon anti-ship missile launch

Taiwan Is Loading Up On Boeing Anti-Ship Missiles

by Mike Stone (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department has approved the potential sale of 100 Boeing-made Harpoon (anti-ship) Coastal Defense Systems to

October 27, 2020
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Thursday, August 1, 2019
People's Liberation Arm frigate

Chinese Warship Collided With Taiwan Freighter, Coast Guard Says

By Adela Lin (Bloomberg) –A Chinese warship collided with a Taiwanese freighter Wednesday evening, damaging the bulk carrier, Taiwan’s Coast Guard

August 1, 2019
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Monday, April 29, 2019
guided-missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110)

U.S. Navy Warships Patrol Taiwan Strait

by Idrees Ali (Reuters) – The U.S. military said it sent two Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait on Sunday as the Pentagon increases the frequency of

April 29, 2019
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
mooring line ops US Navy

U.S. Navy Weighs Passage Through Taiwan Strait

by Phil Stewart (Reuters) – The United States is considering sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait, U.S. officials say, in a move that could

June 5, 2018
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Van Oord Wins Offshore Wind Contract in Taiwan

Dutch marine contractor Van Oord announced on Wednesday that it has been selected as the preferred contractor for a large 640 MW offshore wind project in

May 30, 2018
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Monday, April 30, 2018
offshore wind turbines

Taiwan Emerging as Battleground to Expand Offshore Wind in Asia

By Stine Jacobsen COPENHAGEN, April 30 (Reuters) – Taiwan is becoming the next battleground for the world’s top offshore wind developers as

April 30, 2018
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Sunday, April 22, 2018
A Chinese flag is seen in front of the Friendship bridge over the Yalu River connecting the North Korean town of Sinuiju and Dandong in China

China Navy Drills In Pacific As Tensions Rise

by Adam Jourdan (Reuters) – Chinese naval forces have passed through waters south of Taiwan and carried out military exercises in the western Pacific,

April 22, 2018
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Taiwanese Coast Guard Ship

Taiwan Navy Ships Drop Anchor In Nicaragua To Salvage Diplomatic Ties

by Clare Jim (Reuters) A Taiwanese naval “Friendship Flotilla” of warships dropped anchor in Nicaragua on Monday just weeks after China urged Taiwan’s

April 10, 2018
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Maritime News

Taiwan Offers to Lend Local Shipping Lines $1.9 Billion

TAIPEI, Nov 16 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s government said on Wednesday it will offer to lend struggling local shippers NT$60 billion ($1.9 billion) at

November 16, 2016
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Saturday, June 6, 2015
Taiwan Coast Guard patrol ships

Tensions Rise As Taiwan Coast Guard Launches New Ships

BY J.R. WU (Reuters)Taiwan’s coast guard on Saturday commissioned its biggest ships for duty in the form of two 3,000-ton patrol vessels, as the island

June 6, 2015
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Video Shows RV Ocean Researcher V Aground Off Taiwan, Frantic Search and Rescue

New video shows the scene from Friday night’s search and rescue after the Taiwanese research vessel Ocean Researcher V struck a reef and sank near the

October 11, 2014
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Two Dead After Taiwan’s Largest and Most Advanced Research Vessel Sinks

Update: Video Shows RV Ocean Researcher V Aground Off Taiwan, Search and Rescue Two people are reported dead and 43 have been rescued after the

October 10, 2014
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