Amateur Radio Expedition to Remote Southern Ocean Island Aborted Due to Weather, Engine Trouble

A group of amateur radio operators' month-long expedition to Bouvet Island, one of the most remote and sought-after locations on earth among hams, has been aborted due to weather and after the vessel the group was traveling on began experiencing engine trouble. The expedition, known in the community as a "DXpedition", was organized by a group of so-called hams, or … [Read more...]

Rugged Adventurers Retrace Shackleton’s Epic Southern Ocean Voyage [IMAGES]

In January 1915, Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and his crew aboard the Endurance became trapped in Antarctic ice while attempting a daring Trans-Antarctic expedition. For the next year and a half, he and his crew battled the elements against incredible odds and survived a seemingly impossible predicament.  What they had endured became one of the most incredible … [Read more...]

Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged and in Distress

I admit that car racing, whether NASCAR or Formula 1 is a very technical and demanding sport, I mostly watched only to see the wrecks that occurred during a race. Along the same lines, while I am against the Japanese whaling operations, I am not exactly for Sea Shepherd and their antics. but I love to follow their operations, simply to see the carnage. It is like a huge version … [Read more...]

Icebreaker Dispatched for Southern Ocean Rescue In Antarctic Ice

Crew on board the Russian vessel Sparta have requested more equipment to help repair damage to the boat's hull while rescue efforts are hampered by icy conditions in the southern ocean. Sparta issued a distress call around 3am on Friday from a position next to the Antarctic ice shelf, about 2000 nautical miles (3704 kilometres) south east of New Zealand. The 48m vessel, … [Read more...]

Whaling – Graphic Images

The following images were taken by the Australian Customs Service in their mission to end Japanese whaling of the Souther Ocean. Japanese Whaling Ship Yushin Maru Australian Customs Ship Ocean Viking Source: Australian Customs Service  … [Read more...]