South Korea Response to Ferry Disaster Has Been a Tragedy – View

(Bloomberg View) -- On April 16, 2014, more than 300 people died when a passenger ferry carrying mostly high-school students sank off the coast of South Korea. Sadly, inexcusably, the country has done too little in the year since to prevent another such tragedy. That’s not to say President Park Geun Hye’s government hasn’t tried to improve the nation's safety culture. While … [Read more...]

South Korea Launches New Agency to Replace Disbanded Coast Guard

SEOUL, Nov 18 (Reuters) - South Korea launches a massive new government agency this week to handle emergency rescue and safety management seven months after a ferry disaster killed 304 people and was blamed by President Park Geun-hye on a failed response by the coast guard. The coast guard is being broken up and its search and rescue duties are being moved to the new … [Read more...]