Interview: Hans Hederström, Managing Director of Carnival Corp.’s State-of-the-Art Maritime Simulation Training Center

Interview by Paul González-Morgan (Marine Strategy) - Hans Hederström is the Managing Director of CSMART Academy, Center for Simulator Maritime Training, the state-of-the-art international maritime training center of the world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Corporation & plc Group. Opened in July 2009 and located in Almere, Netherlands, CSMART Academy established … [Read more...]

Training Forecast: Short Waves Of Terror In A Vast Sea Of Boredom

[su_pullquote align="right" class=""]Could a new system of training prevent incidents by teaching watch officers how to achieve a state of  flow?[/su_pullquote] By Jaquelyn Burton (Coeval) - Land, a line on the radar, a steady light off the port bow. Only the radar doesn't match the chart or compass bearing. Something is off. Drawing … [Read more...]

Kongsberg Unveils Next Generation Bridge Simulator

Kongsberg Maritime has unveiled its next generation ship bridge simulator, called K-Sim Navigation, designed with the latest technology for the most realistic scenarios for merchant, offshore and naval vessels. K-Sim Navigation features an advanced physical engine and state-of-the-art hydrodynamic modelling, allowing vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact as … [Read more...]

NPR Story: The Closest You Can Get To Piloting A Container Ship – LISTEN

In this clip, NPR's "Around the Nation" heads over to the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) campus just outside of Baltimore, Maryland to learn about what it's like to command some of the world's largest ships. For the story, NPR's Wade Goodwyn meets with the school's Director of Business Developement, Captain Bob Becker, for a run through the … [Read more...]

ARI Delivers Super High-Tech Offshore Simulators to India

ARI Simulation has delivered a complete suite of integrated offshore simulators to India's NUSI Offshore Training Institute (NOTI), the world’s most technologically advanced, dedicated offshore training facility. These simulators include the world’s largest visual 360-degree dedicated offshore vessel bridge simulator and India’s first Remotely Operated Vehicle … [Read more...]