Australia Charges $120m for Ship Damage To Great Barrier Reef

Australia is asking Shenzhen Energy Transport, the owners of the Chinese coal carrier Shen Neng 1, to pay $120m for damage to the Great Barrier Reef. But Shenzhen Energy Transport says it won't pay for clean-up of the Douglas Shoal, which was severely damaged when the Shen Neng 1 went off-course and ran aground on the reef in 2010. The Australian … [Read more...]

Shortcut through the Great Barrier Reef results in fine for Chinese crew of the Signe Bulker

Hong Kong-based bulk carrier, Signe Bulker, took a wrong turn over the weekend while transiting the Great Barrier reef and ended up in hot water with Australian authorities. While enroute to the northeastern Australia port town of Gladstone, the Signe Bulker cut through the Capricorn-Bunker group of islands making up part of the Great Barrier Reef.  Since the Great Barrier … [Read more...]

Shen Neng 1: Fatigue, Inexperience, Wrong Chart

In essence, a simple succession of errors on the part of a very tired crew member resulted in the grounding of Shen Neng 1 on Douglas Shoal, part of the Great Barrier Reef about 50 miles2 north of the entrance to the port of Gladstone, Queensland. on 3 April 2010 says Australia's Transport Safety Bureau. ATSB warns that the report, released on 15 April 2010 is only preliminary … [Read more...]

Arrests Made in Great Barrier Reef Grounding

Australian authorities have arrested the Chinese captain and chief officer on watch during the April 3rd grounding of the Shen Neng 1 on the Great Barrier Reef.  According to a release by the Australian Federal Police (AFP): The master of the vessel, a 47-year-old Chinese man has been charged with liability for vessel causing damage in Marine Park, contrary to section 38FC of … [Read more...]

Authorities Eye Sleeping Mate as Cause of Shen Neng 1 Grounding

After viewing the AIS data yesterday showing the course of the Shen Neng 1 before it ran aground on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, it's no surprise that reports are starting to circulate that a dozing first mate may have been the cause of the incident. Tradewinds tells us: Federal investigators are exploring whether the first mate of the stricken 70,000-dwt Shen Neng 1 … [Read more...]