MAIS 23 – Interview With C-130 Rescue Pilot

Download MP3: Messing About In Ships podcast episode 23 - May 15, 2008 Subscribe Via iTunes HERE Shownotes: In this episode Capt. Kelly Sweeney gives us “A Mariner's Perspective” and we bring you Part II of the harrowing rescue by the U.S. Coast Guard in saving the Sean Seymour II's crew... an interview with LT Edward W. Ahlstrand,  C-130 rescue pilot who … [Read more...]

Rescue On The High Seas- USCG Helicopter Crew Interviewed

INTERVIEW WITH USCG RESCUE HELICOPTER CREW This past July, in a gCaptain and Robin Storm exclusive, we brought you the Lessons Learned by North Atlantic freak wave survivor Jean Pierre de Lutz. Just two months prior to that article Jean was aboard the sailboat Sean Seamor II when he found trouble in the north Atlantic. In the final logbook entry he writes: On or around 7 … [Read more...]

10 Lessons Learned For Sailing in Severe Weather

In a gCaptain exclusive we were able to discuss the May 2007 abandonment of the s/v Sean Seamour II with her captain Jean Pierre de Lutz. This story was first brought to us by Robin Storm, Marine Salvage Specialist and Maritime Severe Weather Spotter. The Background Story Here is a clip to bring you up to date on the Sean Seamour's voyage but for the full story visit Robin's … [Read more...]

EPIRB Failure aboard the “Sean Seamour”

A great blog we only recently became aware of, Robin Storm at Blogspot, brings us the story of the sailing vessel Sean Seamour. After being struck by a large wave at sea the vessel began sinking and the crew quickly activated their ACR EPIRB. The vessel's log tells the rest of the story: ...immediately after the knockdown, I initiated the EPIRB, an ACR 406 Rapidfix. A half … [Read more...]