India Drops Charges Against Advanfort Private Security Crew

A High Court in India has dropped the charges against the crew and guards from a US-based private security ship 8 months after the legal battle began. Washington, D.C.-based security firm Advanfort reports that the Madras High Court has quashed charges against the 35-member crew of the security ship MV Seaman Guard Ohio after the court could not substantiate any of the … [Read more...]

SAMI Responds to Harsh Accusations from AdvanFort

AdvanFort, the US-based maritime security firm owned by Palestinian businessman Samir Farajallah and run by his son Ahmed, withdrew today from the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) on the grounds that after repeated requests made to SAMI to assist in the freeing of his company's security guards held in India, "his calls and emails went unanswered." SAMI … [Read more...]

Bail Denied for Detained Advanfort Crew in India

India's High Court has refused bail for the 35 crewmembers of a U.S. owned private security vessel that India says was carrying undocumented weapons and ammunition in its territorial waters. BBC News reports that although no charges have been filed against the crew, under Indian law they should be charged or released within 90 days, and only two weeks remain of this … [Read more...]

Sierra Leone Files Official Protest Against India’s Illegal Detainment of Vessel Crew

In protest against the Indian government's detainment of 33 sailors from the AdvanFort-chartered maritime security vessel Seaman Guard OHIO, the Sierra Leone ship registry has filed an official complaint today. The complaint, posted below, protests the illegal detainment of the ship's crew after it was allegedly lured into India's territorial waters by Indian authorities … [Read more...]