Semi-Submersible Saipem 7000 Arrives at Damen Verolme Rotterdam for Major DP3 Upgrade

The Saipem 7000, one of the world's largest semi-submersible crane and pipe-laying vessels, has arrived at Damen Verolme Rotterdam for a major upgrade of its dynamic positioning system to meet the new closed ring DP3 configuration and ABS EHS-P notation. Under DP3 EHS-P notation, the vessel will have an exceptional level of redundancy with 4 independent grouped … [Read more...]

Saipem 7000 Lands Statoil’s Valemon Topsides

40 days after leaving Samsung Heavy Industries, the 9,750-ton topsides structure for the Valemon platform offshore Norway was suspended in the air below the giant cranes on board the Saipem 7000 heavy lift crane vessel. Statoil notes this is the first topsides ever built for them in South Korea. “This is a major milestone for the project, the most important milestone of … [Read more...]

SPOTD: Saipem 7000 Lands Accommodation Block Atop Ekofisk Z

An anonymous gCaptain contributor sent us images of the heavy lift semi-submersible Saipem 7000 lifting the 11,500 ton accommodation block atop the "Ekofisk Z" over the weekend.  This will serve as the living quarters for the greater Ekofisk-complex offshore Norway, a ConocoPhillips-operated facility. In July, this same vessel installed the 8,000 metric ton production … [Read more...]