This Video of a Lab Simulated Rogue Wave Will Make Your Palms Sweat

It's a sailor's worst nightmare. A monster wave that comes out of nowhere, two to three times bigger than the others. In certain cases, waves like this are capable of swallowing a ship whole. Yet to this day we still don't know much about rogue waves or how they form. Actually, most of what we do know about these freak waves comes from actual experience. We know they're out … [Read more...]

Study Finds Massive Rogue Waves Aren’t as Rare as Previously Thought

UM Rosenstiel scientist and colleague’s findings are critical for safe operations at sea University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science scientist Mark Donelan and his Norwegian Meteorological Institute colleague captured new information about extreme waves, as one of the steepest ever recorded passed by the North Sea Ekofisk platforms in the early … [Read more...]

Warning: Rogue Wave Ahead — Predicting the Ship Killing Waves

Rogue waves are real sea monsters. Rising many times higher than surrounding waves, they have the power to sink ships and to cripple offshore platforms. Recently, engineers from MIT have developed a new means of predicting the formation of rogue waves, which may give mariners a two to three-minute warning before one of the monster wave hits. Whether or not the new … [Read more...]

Passenger Ferry Slammed By Rogue Wave

A passenger ferry became disabled Wednesday off Massachusetts after allegedy being hit by a "rogue" wave. The U.S. Coast Guard says its crews assisted the crew and passengers aboard the Provincetown IV Ferry which had suffered an engine failure and was unable to make way near Scituate, Massachusetts. According to reports, the Provincetown to Boston ferry lost power after … [Read more...]

Large Wave Injures Three Aboard Cargo Ship

Three crewmembers from a 587-foot cargo ship were injured Sunday afternoon after the vessel was reportedly struck by what sounds like a rogue wave about 500 miles south of Kodiak, Alaska, prompting a medevac. The U.S. Coast Guard received a report from the Master of the Liberian-flagged cargo vessel MV Copacabana that three crewmen had sustained multiple injuries after being … [Read more...]