Risk And Reward At Sea

By Captain George Livingstone – Choosing to be a professional mariner is more than a professional choice, it’s a life choice.  There are few other professions like it.  The stress and strain is more than professional, it’s personal, involving separation from all things familiar.  My motivation for writing has always been based … [Read more...]

Ships: A Risky Business

By Captain George Livingstone - One of the worst storms I ever recall was a winter day off the coast of Oregon. We were transiting northbound with a loaded Salt barge when a deep winter low crossed our slow moving tug and tow. The conditions built to storm force (60-65 knot wind, 24-27 foot sea/swells) and then stabilized in a following wind and sea. This was winter … [Read more...]

Five (Or More) Short Blasts – On Sounding The Danger Signal

This is PART 3 of a series about the COLREGs. Scroll down for links to Part 1 & 2  by Captain  Grant H. Livingstone The Grand Daddy of COLREGs debate and interpretation among professional mariners may be Rule 34; traditionally called the ‘Danger Signal’ five short blasts on the ships whistle.  I have sailed with professional mariners that would … [Read more...]

Oil Services Must Take On More Risk, Petrofac CEO Warns

By Stephen Eisenhammer LONDON, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Oil service companies will have to assume more risk in the coming years as investor pressure and a flat crude price make oil company clients push harder to avoid delays on megaprojects, the chief executive of FTSE 100 contractor Petrofac said. The biggest oil companies have seen huge delays and broken budgets at projects … [Read more...]