First Oil Sails from Libya’s Ras Lanuf Since End of Blockade

TRIPOLI, Aug 13 (Reuters) - An oil tanker carrying 670,000 barrels of crude has left Libya's Ras Lanuf oil terminal, the first shipment since the port was reopened following a year of blockades by armed protesters, a spokesman for state-run National Oil Corporation said. The tanker carrying Sirtica crude left the Libyan port on Tuesday evening, the spokesman said. The … [Read more...]

Libya’s Eastern Oil Ports Stay Shut, Constraining Crude Sales

Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) -- A Libyan rebel leader refused to hand over control of three oil ports to the government, keeping a lid on the North African nation’s crude sales in a development that may buoy the price of the fuel. “We failed in making our conditions implemented, so we confirm that we won’t open the oil ports,” Ibrahim Al Jedran told a … [Read more...]

Libya Warns Will Destroy Tankers Illegally Exporting Oil

TRIPOLI, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Libya warned on Monday it will attack and destroy any tanker illegally exporting oil after forces last week fired at a Liberian-flagged tanker close to the country's largest crude oil export terminal. WATCH: Video Shows Libyan Forces Firing on 'A-Whale' The tanker, which sought to load crude oil that armed protesters blocking the country's main … [Read more...]