Injured Indian Fishermen File Suit Over USNS Rappahannock Shooting

DUBAI, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Three Indian fishermen injured when a U.S. naval ship fired on their boat off the United Arab Emirates in 2012 are launching a civil case against the Pentagon to seek compensation, their lawyers said on Wednesday. One Indian was killed and the three others injured when the USNS Rappahannock, a refuelling ship, fired on the fishing vessel, which the … [Read more...]

Documenting the Use of Deadly Force [OP/ED]

By Kevin Sorbello Every ship has a right to defend itself from attack.  Fire hoses, LRAD systems, small arms, professional security teams, or military security detachments provide alternatives to falling victim of violence.  However, as the levels of force for defense rise, so too do the chances for injury or death of aggressors or defenders. On or about 16 July, 2012, … [Read more...]

U.S. Navy to Deal With Fishermen Shooting Fallout

The Indian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday called on the UAE and U.S. government to conduct a full investigation into Monday's fatal shooting off the coast of Jebel Ali, UAE while also offering condolences to the fishermen and families affected by the unfortunate incident. As gCaptain reported yesterday, a U.S. Navy security detail assigned to the Navy supply ship USNS … [Read more...]