Puntland’s New President: A Maritime Security Outlook

James M. Bridger, Delex Systems Inc After losing Puntland’s presidential election by a single parliamentary vote, incumbent president Abdirahman Mohamed Farole extended his congratulations to his opponent Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, a former prime minister of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG). UN and EU envoys praised the autonomous state’s January 8 election, … [Read more...]

EU Plans to Expand Anti-Piracy Operations, Pirates Threaten to Kill Hostages

By JD , Somalia Report Officials in Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland have welcomed EU plans to expand their anti-piracy operation to include the coast of Somalia. German Foreign Ministry spokesman, Andreas Paschke, has said that there are EU plans to destroy pirate infrastructure or bases on the coast. He was quick to assure that the proposed plans did not … [Read more...]

Puntland is No Longer a Safe Haven for Pirates… Police Raids Capture 150

By Jama Deperani, Somalia Report Police from Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland arrested 150 pirates during a two week anti-piracy operation in Jariban and Garacad area of Mudug region, senior government officials told Somalia Report on Sunday. “Police were busy conducting operations against pirates over the last two weeks. We targeted their main centers … [Read more...]