The Perhaps Not-So-Obvious Truth About Multi-Purpose Ships

Intermarine chairman Andre Grikitis cited lack of operational experience last month as one of reasons many shipowners encountered troubles after taking advantage of the KG financing scheme to build vast fleets.  Considering the close attention to detail and skill needed to lift awkward and heavy cargoes aboard a ship and transport it to a place that may not even have a pier, … [Read more...]

Navy Vessels Get a Lift from the Maersk Texas [IMAGES]

The Maersk Texas, a 19,500 dwt Maersk-Rickmers U.S. flag heavy-lift project carrier recently lifted and moved a pair of support craft for the U.S. Navy, the largest of which weighed in at 220 metric tons.  Both vessels were lifted using the 240 MT Liebherr cranes and have since been transported across the Pacific Ocean. Rigging up a  lift such as this is not a … [Read more...]