OCEARCH Catches and Releases Nearly Half Dozen Great Whites Off Cape Cod

The ocean research group OCEARCH landed a 14-foot 2-inch, 2,300 lb. immature female Great White Shark yesterday off the coast of Cape Cod. ┬áIt's the fifth female white shark they've caught since beginning their research campaign two and a half weeks ago. I spoke with OCEARCH founder Chris Fischer today and he notes that this is their 17th expedition to capture, study, tag, … [Read more...]

Wearing Jeans, Ship’s Captain Jumps into Water Basket with 14-Foot Great White Shark [VIDEO]

The non-profit ocean research group OCEARCH is at it again, doing good things for mother nature. On 3 March, their team captured, tagged, studied, and released a 2000+ pound, 14-foot, female great white shark off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. They named it Lydia after the founder of Bradley University, a long time friend of expedition sponsor Caterpillar. Here's the … [Read more...]

OCEARCH and Caterpillar: a Partnership to Save the Great Ocean Predators

The following images depicts a tragedy which is quietly unfolding around the world. On top of a factory building in Hong Kong, over ten thousand shark fins are being dried and readied for sale on the Chinese market for use in shark fin soup, a gourmet and highly controversial food. These fins ended up here from shark catchers worldwide who are driven by a growing … [Read more...]