NPR Story: The Closest You Can Get To Piloting A Container Ship – LISTEN

In this clip, NPR's "Around the Nation" heads over to the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) campus just outside of Baltimore, Maryland to learn about what it's like to command some of the world's largest ships. For the story, NPR's Wade Goodwyn meets with the school's Director of Business Developement, Captain Bob Becker, for a run through the … [Read more...]

Audio: National Public Radio; The Shipping Forecast

The British Isles are an archipelago measuring about 900 miles from top to toe, with a history tied inextricably to the waters that surround them. This image from circa 1887 shows the Battleship HMS Victoria sailing past the Swing Bridge at Newcastle upon Tyne, where it was built. The area, on England's northeast coast, was once a major shipping and shipbuilding … [Read more...]

Is piracy a successful business model?

The short answer is yes. Running piracy ring in Somali can prove to be a very successful and profitable business for everyone involved. A recent segment on NPR's program "All Things Considered" takes a unique look Behind The Business Plan Of Piracy, Inc, by walking through the steps of a piracy ring startup.  Oddly, it's not much different than your average small business owner … [Read more...]

NPR Piracy Podcast

Here at we are big fans of National Public Radio. Like many of our readers, the gCaptain team, spends allot of our time traveling from place to place. Whether it's a 16 hour bus journey in Argentina, waiting for a helicopter in India or a standard New York to Los Angeles flight, we find NPR's free podcasts a lifesaver. Here is a recent NPR Podcast on Piracy that we … [Read more...]

Cosco Busan Audio Files – San Francisco Oil Spill

Coast Guard Photo By CWO Scott Epeprson I thought I would list a few podcasts, interviews and audio files that relate to the Cosco Busan Incident and the resultant oil spill in San Francisco Bay. If you find any more of interest please leave a comment with link below. Our first file (click on the player below) is a very informative hour long discussion I heard on the radio … [Read more...]