A Macro Look at Shipping in a World of Geopolitical Turmoil

Sturla Henriksen, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association paints a not-so-rosy picture in his association's 2015 Outlook Report released today.  Heightened global geopolitical turmoil, income inequality, climate change and economic protectionism have all resulted in a world with a far less certain future. "‘Realpolitik’ is once again in vogue," says Henriksen. … [Read more...]

Norwegian Shipowners Less Optimistic About 2015

Norwegian shipowners are less optimistic in 2015 amid falling oil prices, heightened geopolitical tensions, and sluggish, uncertain growth in the global economy, a new survey from the Norwegian Shipowners' Association shows. The survey, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Outlook report for 2015, shows that Norwegian shipowners are less optimistic than last year when it … [Read more...]