Refloating made possible, with Dyneema

After the MV Benita, a bulk carrier headed to the South African city of Durban, was grounded on June 17, Five Oceans Salvage (FOS) was brought in to refloat the casualty after removing the 145 tons of fuel onboard the ship. Due to the harsh conditions, ropes made with Dyneema┬« were the only option both strong enough and light enough to help refloat the vessel. … [Read more...]

MV Benita Sinks During Tow to Alang

International salvage company Five Oceans Salvage reports that the MV Benita, which was under tow from Mauritius and to Alang, India, has sunk approximately 93.5 nautical miles from Mauritius. The Liberian-flagged bulk carrier grounded on June 17 off Mahebourg, Mauritius after an incident involving one of its crew members. It was eventually refloated on July 23 following … [Read more...]

Tow to Alang Shipbreakers Proving Troublesome for Wrecked MV Benita

More trouble for salvors of the MV Benita wreck just a few days they were able to refloat the vessel from the southern shore of Mauritius where it spent more than a month aground. As of Tuesday the ship was under tow on a one way trip to an Alang shipbreaker. Now it's questionable whether of not the vessel will ever make it to its final … [Read more...]

WATCH: Tugs Pull Grounded MV Benita From Mauritius Coast

A salvage team from Five Oceans Salvage refloats the wrecked MV Benita from the southern shore of Mauritius, Monday, July 25, 2016. The ship ran aground June 17, 2016 after a crew member attacked others on board before locking himself in the engine room, where he damaged equipment that resulted in the ship losing propulsion and eventually running aground. Update: Tow to … [Read more...]

MV Benita Re-Floated in Mauritius

Salvors refloated the MV Benita Sunday more than a 5 weeks after the ship ran aground off Mahebourg, Mauritius. As of Sunday afternoon the vessel was being towed to a position some 20 miles off the coast, where a skeleton crew will remain on board in order to assess the vessel's seaworthiness and general condition, according to international salvage firm Five Oceans Salvage. … [Read more...]