Search Abandoned After Queen Mary 2 Crew Member Goes Overboard

  A search was launched and later suspended this weekend for a crewmember of Curnard's Queen Mary 2 cruise liner who fell overboard Saturday off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Canada's Joint Task Force Atlantic confirmed Saturday that it received a report from the Queen Mary 2 reporting that 26-year-old male crew member had fallen … [Read more...]

MAIB Video: Man Overboard – 4 Years Later Lessons Remain the Same

A MAIB film first published in May 2010, now four years later the lessons remain the same. In 2009, there was a spate of accidents involving men going overboard from fishing vessels for a variety of reasons, mostly with tragic consequences. Nine lives were lost this way. Only one fisherman was recovered alive. His experience is told in this short film and reveals the … [Read more...]

Video: Overboard Yachtsman Rescued from Pacific Ocean

A crewmember from an around-the-world amateur yacht race is lucky to be alive after spending 90 minutes in the stormy Pacific Ocean after falling overboard. The race organizers said that the "Derry~Londonderry~Doire" crewmember, 46yo Andrew Taylor, went overboard Saturday afternoon in rough weather, with winds of 35 knots and heavy waves. Skipper Sean McCarter reported … [Read more...]

Man Overboard – Are AIS SARTS the Best MOB Devices?

Fire, sinking, and even collisions can turn an ordinary day at sea into a flutter of activity and worry, but nothing provokes the immediate and raw emotions as the two simple words, "Man Overboard."  No matter how remote the chances of it occurring aboard your ship, no sailor has ever set to sea without the thought of drifting alone at sea after falling … [Read more...]


Some years ago in a now defunct navy journal an article was written about what people think when they fall overboard. Several predominant factors were recognized: (1) Do they know I am overboard? (2) What are they doing? (3) How can I help my rescue? After some study and research the following was gleaned: a. Most victims that fall overboard and are not recovered because … [Read more...]