De Beers Commissions Offshore Diamond Exploration Ship

More than $7 billion has been invested into the search for diamonds since 2000 according to De Beers Group. Much of that has been focused in places such as India, Botswana, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zimbabwe, as well Siberia and Canada. On a global scale, exploration costs in search for the extraordinarily rare mineral hovers around $500 million, nearly … [Read more...]

Carnival announces newbuild hat trick – And you thought YOUR cruise was expensive?

Carnival's newest ship, Carnival Breeze, is to debut in June 2012. Image courtesy Carnival Carnival Cruise Lines announced today that it will be building three new cruise ships for two of its European brands at a price tag of OVER $2 BILLION.  The vessels, one 132,500-ton vessel for its Costa Cruises brand and two 125,000-ton ships for its AIDA Cruises brand, will be the … [Read more...]

Let’s try this again boys…Deepwater Digging for Minerals and Ore, take 2.

KALGOORLIE, Australia (Dow Jones)--Nearly a third of the world's minerals could come from the deep sea using technology similar to that employed by the oil industry, said Nautilus Minerals Inc. (NUS.T), the first commercial company permitted to explore for minerals in international waters. Paul O'Sullivan, Nautilus's chief operating officer, said the company hopes to start … [Read more...]