Waterfront Shipping to Add Four More Methanol-Fueled Tankers to Fleet

Methanol shipping specialist Waterfront Shipping has announced a plans to build four new oceangoing tankers capable on running on clean-burning methanol fuel. The 49,000 dwt methanol tankers were ordered through a joint-industry project involving Waterfront Shipping, Marinvest, IINO Kaisha, Mitsui & Co. and NYK Group. The newbuilds will join an existing fleet of seven … [Read more...]

Ship Photos of the Day – World’s First Methanol-Powered Tankers

Today's ship photos show the Taranaki Sun, one of three new ocean going tankers that are the first ever to run on clean-burning methanol. The vessels, the Lindanger, Mari Jone and Taranaki Sun, are the first three in a series of seven total 50,000 DWT tankers built with the first-of-its kind MAN B&W ME-LGI 2-stroke dual-fuel engines that can run on methanol, fuel oil, … [Read more...]

World’s First Methanol-Powered Tankers Set for Delivery

The first ocean-going vessels capable of running on methanol fuel are being prepared for delivery later this month.  The seven 50,000 DWT tankers are built with the first-of-its kind MAN B&W ME-LGI 2-stroke dual fuel engines that can run on methanol, fuel oil, marine diesel oil, or gas oil. Methanol is viewed as a clean-burning fuel considered to be a viable … [Read more...]

Methanol Seen as a Viable Marine Fuel Alternative, Report Finds

With renewed pressure on the shipping industry to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, a new report has found that readily-available methanol has a "historic opportunity" to become a viable, green alternative as a marine fuel. The report, authored by marine energy systems export Professor Karin Andersson of Sweden's Chalmers University, was released Friday by research firm FCBI … [Read more...]

Stena Germanica: World’s First Methanol-Powered Ship Enters Service

The Stena Line ferry Stena Germanica re-entered service last week as the first commercial ship in the world to run on methanol as its main fuel. Stena Germanica re-entered service on March 26 operating between Kiel, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden. The conversation, which took about six weeks to complete, was carried out at the Remontowa Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland. "At … [Read more...]