Free-divers Search for 270-Ton Bell Resting Under 25 Feet of Mud

In 1608, a Portuguese warlord named Filipe de Brito e Nicote was causing trouble near Myanmar and attempted to steal the Great Bell of Dhammazedi from the Golden Pagoda in what is now, Yangon. This was no ordinary bell however.  According to researchers, the bell weighed approximately 270-tons and is said to be the largest ever cast. de Brito was successful in getting it … [Read more...]

Meridian Takes a Look at Sunken Rigs Offshore Louisiana [IMAGES]

Rather than the costly process of scrapping offshore rigs once their production days are over, operators are choosing a perhaps more environmentally-friendly option, leaving the rigs in sea to become hosts for new underwater ecosystems. According to a 2000 report by Les Dauterive from the U.S. Department of the Interior, fish densities were found to be 20 to 50 times higher … [Read more...]