Conrad and the Craft: Sea Stories for Real Sailors (part 2)

By Colin Dewey, In the first part of this essay, I talked about craft: Joseph Conrad’s somewhat mysterious term describing the ability good mariners have to dip into a common pool of knowledge, experience, and technique, and through a combination of superior ethical and almost spiritual sensibility, perform their duties to the utmost. Margaret Cohen’s analysis of sailors’ … [Read more...]

Four Deaths A Week – Is Training To Blame?

By Jaquelyn Burton (Coeval) Why with all the requirements, regulations, and best practices in place do so many mariners die needlessly each year - under completely preventable circumstances? Take for example enclosed spaces. Why do so many mariners still die in enclosed spaces? With training requirements in place for more than 40 years, the deaths still … [Read more...]

Are we planning to fail?

by Jaquelyn Burton, (Coeval) So much of our time in the maritime industry - both afloat and ashore is devoted to planning. But, how much planning is the right amount - Does such a thing exist? Many times as accident investigations can attest, planning either wasn’t done or was failed to be effectively communicated to the people who were tasked with executing it. A … [Read more...]