Drunken Master Suspected in Another Ship Grounding Off Sweden

A cargo ship which ran aground Friday night off Helsingborg, Sweden has been refloated with no pollution reported, the Swedish Coast Guard said Sunday. The vessel, loaded with 5,000 tonnes of wheat, was headed for the port of Helsingborg when it grounded at 11:15 p.m. local time on Friday night, the Coast Guard reported. Prior to the ground, vessel traffic services had … [Read more...]

Damaged Car Carrier Makassar Highway Reaches Port in Sweden

The damaged car carrier Makassar Highway was been moored in Oskarshamn on Thursday after salvors completed its emergency tow from open waters of the Baltic Sea. The 139-meter car carrier ran aground last Monday, July 23, off Loftahammar, Sweden, causing extensive damage to the hull plates and water ingress. Before salvors could address oil contained in breached tanks, the … [Read more...]

Salvors Commence Emergency Tow of Damaged Car Carrier Off Sweden

Salvors have commenced an emergency tow of the car carrier Makassar Highway off the coast of Sweden after a survey revealed serious damage and cracks in the ship's hull that could impact its stability, the Swedish Coast Guard reported. The emergency tow commenced Tuesday evening just before 9 p.m. following approval of the plan from the Coast Guard and other … [Read more...]

Oil Released After Makassar Highway Floats Free Off Sweden

Emergency crews in Sweden are now dealing with what seems to be a major oil spill after the vehicle carrier Makassar Highway floated free from the reef on which it ran aground last week. The Swedish Coast Guard says the amount of oil released from the vessel has not yet been determined. However, as of Sunday night, approximately 7000 liters of oil had been recovered from the … [Read more...]