Sailing Singlehanded – Maine Maritime Training Ship Rescues North Atlantic Sailor

Maine Maritime Academy‚Äôs Training Ship State of Maine responded to a distress call yesterday morning in the North Atlantic. The training ship was on a homeward course when the vessel was contacted by the U.S. Coast Guard RCC (VIA AMVER) about a nearby sailing vessel that was taking on water. The vessel, SV Prodigal, was battered by recent storms, and her Captain, Michael … [Read more...]

Caught on Camera: Pier Collapses in Maine

Last night some security camera captured video of a pier collapsing in Eastport, Maine. The U.S. Coast Guard says it was notified at approximately 2:20 a.m. Thursday morning that the end of the Eastport breakwall had collapsed into the water. Several boats were damaged in the incident, including a 77-foot schooner named Ada C. Lore whose caretaker sustained a leg injury. The … [Read more...]

Portland, Maine Bans Oil Loading as Canada Seeks Export Options

  By Dave Sherwood SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine, July 22 (Reuters) - City councilors in South Portland, Maine, voted late Monday night to ban the loading of crude oil onto tankers along its waterfront, throwing up yet another roadblock to the export of Canadian oil sands crude and setting up a showdown with industry which called the process illegal. The city of … [Read more...]

Jeezum Crow That’s a Weird Lookin’ Lobstah

BOWDOINHAM, Maine, Aug 30 (Reuters) - It's not quite winning the lottery, but the odds are about as remote: A lobsterman off the coast of Maine recently hauled in an almost perfectly two-toned lobster - half orange, half brown. The chances, according to scientists, are approximately 1-in-50 million. "It looked as if someone had taken painter's tape and run it from … [Read more...]

Invasive Green Crabs are Eating Their Way North into Maine

By Dave Sherwood FREEPORT, Maine, May 30 (Reuters) - An invasion of European green crabs, encouraged by rising ocean temperatures, is eating its way north through Maine's clam flats, threatening the state's third-largest fishery and an iconic summer treat for tourists. "If something isn't done soon, it will mean the death of the clam fishery," said Chad Coffin, president … [Read more...]