MT Liquid Velvet Released by Pirates

Somali pirates have released the M/T Liquid Velvet and its crew of 21 Filipino nationals after reportedly collecting $4 million in ransom.  The vessel was officially released on Tuesday, June 5 The Marshall Islands-flagged chemical tanker was hijacked on October 31, 2011 while transiting the Gulf of Aden from Suez to India.  During the attack, eight armed pirates aboard a … [Read more...]

Liquid Velvet Update – Pirate Mothership Returns to Somalia

Just in from the Office of Naval Intelligence... PLEASE BE ADVISED – The Somali-pirated M/T Liquid Velvet, which as of this week was underway conducting mothership operations, is assessed to have returned to the Somali coast and is currently at anchor no longer underway conducting mothership operations. However, mariners are advised to maintain counter-piracy … [Read more...]

3rd Update: ONI Piracy Advisory… M/T Liquid Velvet is on the Prowl

This just in from the Office of Naval Intelligence: ***3rd Update*** VESSEL IS HEADING NORTHEAST TOWARDS THE ARABIAN SEA IN POSITION 10-58N 053-23E AT A SPEED OF 7.6 KTS. M/T LIQUID VELVET is likely conducting mothership operations in hopes of hijacking new vessels.  Mariners are advised to remain vigilant with their counter-piracy measures and be on the look out for … [Read more...]

Crew of MT Liquid Velvet Kill Pirate Captors? Rumors Fly Within Pirate Circles

By Mohamed Odowa, Claims that at least six Somali pirates were killed and three others were captured by the crew of the Greek owned MT Liquid Velvet chemical tanker which was hijacked last week, are up for debate due to infighting among pirates, according to several pirates who spoke to Somalia Report. "Six of our colleagues were killed by the hostages … [Read more...]

Liquid Velvet Update: UNARMED Australian Security “Team” Captured ***UPDATE***

Who sends a ship to the waters off east Africa with a one-man, unarmed security force? Apparently the Greek owners of the Chemical Tanker Liquid Velvet aren't big fans of armed security teams on board their vessels.  In their infinite wisdom, they assumed that the unarmed Australian "advisor" they hired could defend the ship against pirates with his bare hands. The plan … [Read more...]