Ship Photos of the Day – Docking a Triple-E

Today's ship photos come to us from Bremerhaven Pilots docking a Maersk Triple-E containership at the Port of Bremerhaven. The tugs seen are Rotortug's belonging to KOTUG International. In June, KOTUG officially named the RT Emotion, the first hybrid tug to operate in German waters. Photos courtesy Pilot Bremerhaven via Flickr … [Read more...]

RT Emotion – Germany’s First Hybrid Tug Named

The first hybrid tug to operate in German waters was officially named during a party held Thursday in the Port of Bremerhaven. Annika Bootsman-Kleberg, Member of the Wallenius’ Board and granddaughter of Olof Wallenius, Swedish entrepreneur and founder of Wallenius Lines, had the honor of naming the tug RT Emotion before family, friends and KOTUG’s business relations and … [Read more...]