How To Learn To Tie ANY Knot

  In today's episode of The REAL gCAptain Podcast we teach you how to master any knot and remember it for life! Material Needed: A great knot book or Grogs Animated Knots One arm's length of 550 Paracord.   Don't miss the latest episode.... subscribe to our podcast today via: Anchor Google Podcasts Pocket … [Read more...]

Knots Tying Tutorial

Looking for a good knot tying tutorial? Then Animated Knots by Grog is the place to visit. While SUNY Maritime instructor GPS is famous for saying "You can do anything with these two knots..." there are others I tend to use a lot including the rolling hitch, figure eight and square knot. Grog has the knots you need in an easy to learn format. Bonus points to the commenter … [Read more...]

Knots – How To Tie A Monkey’s Fist And Heave A Line

From waking up and tying your shoelaces to riding a bosun's chair, learning how to handle line aboard ship is a steep curve.  One of the most difficult tasks for apprentice seamen to master is mooring ops and we are here to let all new sailors know there will be few moments less embarrassing then totally missing the mark with a heaving line. So pay attention. The American … [Read more...]

The Science Of Knots

Photo by AMagill We all know the basics of knots. They rely on friction to cinch against themselves or an object, they reduce the breaking strength of a line and a good one is easy to remove but what about randomly created knots? Doug Smith, a physics professor at the University of California set to find out. The New York Times tells us: Working with his research assistant … [Read more...]