Jolly Nero Incident: Control Tower Collapse Could Have Been Avoided, Prosecutors Say

Prosecutors in Genoa, Italy say that the port control collapse could have been avoided and they are now investigating five suspects in connection to the incident. On May 7, the Ignazio Messina-owned Jolly Nero backed into the 50-meter tall port control tower at the port of Genoa, causing it to collapse and killing 9 people. Prosecutors say that "negligence, carelessness and … [Read more...]

Investigators Look to Re-Create Jolly Nero’s Fatal Maneuver

The Jolly Nero was put out to sea today as investigators try and re-create the fatal maneuver that led to the collapse of the Genoa port control tower. Italian media reports that the Jolly Nero, a containership/ro-ro owned by Genoa-based Ignazio Messina & Co., left the port of Genoa for the first time since the May 7th incident at the request of local prosecutors … [Read more...]

Jolly Nero Incident: New Video Shows Genoa Tower Collapse [VIDEO]

The following video uncovered today shows the Jolly Nero backing into the Port of Genoa control tower, knocking it over. A statement from the owner of Jolly Nero, Genoa-based Messina Lines, said that company will not being commenting on the ongoing investigation, but firmly added that the vessel was accompanied by two tugs, had a pilot on board, and weather conditions … [Read more...]

Port of Genoa Control Tower Collapses Following Ship Collision [UPDATE]

Thursday Update: The Italian Ministry of Transport has identified the victims as follows: Killed: Morella David, Daniel Fratantonio , Candussio De Marco, Robazza Michele, Maurizio Potenza, Joseph Tusa, Sergio Basso Injured: Pecchi Aeneas, Chiarlone Raffaele Meo George, Russian Gabriele Missing: Cetrola Francis and John Iacoviello A statement from the Italian Coast … [Read more...]