PetroChina Unit Secures 4 Million Tonnes of VLSFO

ZHOUSHAN, China, Oct 18 (Reuters) - China Marine Bunker, known as Chimbusco, says it has secured at least 4 million tonnes of very low-sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) for the next three quarters and has already started to supply all major Chinese ports from bonded storage. Demand for VLSFO is set to rise as International Maritime Organisation (IMO) rules will ban ships from using … [Read more...]

Tramp Shippers Seen Most Challenged by IMO 2020

By Aaron Sheldrick TOKYO, Oct 18 (Reuters) - Shipping companies running itinerant merchant vessels known as tramps are concerned about sourcing fuel to comply with one of the biggest ever shake-ups of the industry next year, the head of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) said. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has banned the use of fuel with a sulphur … [Read more...]

Singapore’s Floating Storage Flotilla Grows Ahead of IMO 2020

(Bloomberg) --More than 30 oil tankers have anchored in the Malacca Strait off Singapore and Malaysia, according to Kpler, as traders stockpile fuel ahead of the biggest shake-up to the shipping industry in a generation. The flotilla has been expanding for months as traders amass supplies of fuel that comply with new shipping standards -- known as IMO 2020 -- that take … [Read more...]

Singapore Stockpiles Boatloads of 2020-Compliant Fuel

By Roslan Khasawneh SINGAPORE, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Singapore stockpiles of low sulphur marine fuels held in floating storage are swelling ahead of a 2020 global deadline for rules that are said to mark the shipping industry's biggest fuel transition since it moved from burning coal to oil. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has banned ships from using marine fuels, … [Read more...]

Ships Set to Burn Raw Crude Oil to Beat New Clean Fuel Rules

By Jack Wittels and Alex Longley (Bloomberg) --For almost three years, the oil industry has been puzzling over how to supply merchant ships with fuel that will meet tough new environmental standards. Turns out part of the solution was sitting in the ground and under ocean floors all the while: crude oil. Oil from off the U.K.’s coast, which requires blending -- but no … [Read more...]