Somali Pirates Release Crew of ‘Iceberg 1’

Somali pirates have released 22 hostages held since March 2010 aboard the M/V Iceberg 1, according to a statement by officials in Somali's semiautonomous region of Puntland. The Iceberg 1, hijacked March 29, 2010 off the coast of Yemen, is the longest held vessel by Somali pirates. "After 2 years and 9 months in captivity, the hostages have suffered signs of physical torture … [Read more...]

Somali Police Forces Launch Raid to Free Iceberg 1 Hostages

Three pirates have been killed in a botched attempt by Puntland authorities to rescue hostages from Somali pirates' longest held ship, the M/V Iceberg 1. Local media reports indicate that Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) have launched a coastal raid near Puntland in an effort to free the vessel and hostages from the pirates. The operation failed, but local media has … [Read more...]

Dear Indian Government, Your Cowardice and Indifference Toward the Crew of MV Iceberg I is Noted [VIDEO] Sorry India, but it's been over two years and your citizens are still sitting in a Somali hell hole for no good reason.  Leaving them to perish is NOT an option. Since March 2010, the Indian and Yemeni crew of the hijacked vessel MV Iceberg I has sat languishing under horrific conditions in Somalia, largely forgotten by everyone … [Read more...]

M/V Iceberg 1 Surpasses Two Years in Pirate Captivity, Status of Crew Unknown

It's been two unspeakably long years for whomever is left of the crew of the M/V Iceberg 1 since being hijacked by Somali pirates off the Yemeni coast.  The Panamanian-flagged roll-on/roll-off ship was taken on March 29, 2010 and, at this point, is the longest-held vessel in captivity. Left to Rot At the time of the hijacking, the Iceberg 1 had a multinational crew of 24 … [Read more...]

The Crew of MV Iceberg 1, Abandoned by her Owners, Tortured by Somali Terrorists

The MV Iceberg 1 is a Panama-flagged Roll on-Roll off ship that was attacked and overrun by pirates on 29 March 2010.  Since that time, the crew has been left to rot in a Somali hell-hole by the owners of the vessel, Azal Shipping and Cargo, who have since gone out of business.  At least one of the crew has already committed suicide. The following is a report by Somalia … [Read more...]