Ice Patrol: More Than 1,000 Icebergs Drifted Into N. Atlantic Shipping Lanes in 2017

The U.S. agency tasked with monitoring iceberg activity in the North Atlantic counted about 1,000 icebergs that drifted into shipping lanes this year. The mission of the International Ice Patrol, which is organized by the USCG but includes international partners, is to monitor the iceberg danger in the North Atlantic Ocean and provide relevant iceberg warnings to ships. The … [Read more...]

What Is The International Ice Patrol? And How Ships Avoid Icebergs.

The International Ice Patrol is an organization with the purpose of monitoring the presence of icebergs in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and reporting their movements for safety purposes. It is operated by United States Coast Guard but is funded by the 13 nations interested in trans-Atlantic navigation. Founded in the wake of the RMS Titanic disaster, the Ice … [Read more...]

Titanic Never Leaves the Minds of International Ice Patrol Crew

By Brian K. Sullivan (Bloomberg) -- Every day, Gabrielle McGrath thinks about the Titanic and the 1,517 lives lost when the White Star Line ship struck an iceberg in April 1912. McGrath, a commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, heads the International Ice Patrol and it’s their job to make sure the tragedy isn’t repeated. And since 1913, when the patrol started, no ship … [Read more...]

International Ice Patrol Kicks Off Annual North Atlantic Season

The International Ice Patrol began flying its first reconnaissance missions of the 2015 annual ice season earlier this month to detect and track icebergs in the north Atlantic. In early February, the IPP deployed its first Ice Reconnaissance Detachment (IRD) to Newfoundland, Canada, to meet with Canadian partners and to conduct the initial aerial patrols of the season. … [Read more...]