SAL Heavy Lift to Install Industry-First Green Injection Technology

Hamburg-based SAL Heavy Lift is moving forward with a project to install six of its vessels with new emissions-reducing hydrogen/methanol injection technology. In doing so, SAL Heavy Lift will become the first shipping company in the world to adopt the green-tech system to its vessels. The injection technology has been developed by FUELSAVE GmbH. By dynamically injecting … [Read more...]

World’s First Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier Launched in Japan

The world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier has been launched at Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Kobe Works shipyard in Japan. The vessel, named Suiso Frontier, is due for completion in late 2020 and will be equipped with a 1,250 cubic meters of liquefied hydrogen cooled to –253°C. At that temperature, hydrogen shrinks to just 1/800 of its original gas-state. Once complete, … [Read more...]

Havyard’s Hydrogen Power Project Takes Step Forward

Norwegian ship technology group Havyard is moving forward with a project to pilot a hydrogen power system for use on board large ships. The project, led by Havyard Group with Havyard Design & Solutions and Norwegian Electric Systems, is seeking to develop a hydrogen fuel cell system that will become the biggest of its kind in the maritime industry. The partners have … [Read more...]

Asia’s Demand for Low-Sulphur Fuel Drives Hydrogen Gas Consumption

By Florence Tan and Shu Zhang SINGAPORE, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Asia's hydrogen gas demand will rise as the region's oil refineries use the gas to produce low-sulphur fuel to meet new environmental regulations, the head of the world's largest industrial gas producer said on Tuesday. "The demand for hydrogen has grown steadily over the years at a much faster rate than GDP … [Read more...]