BOOK REVIEW: Into the Raging Sea, The Sinking of the El Faro.

Into the Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm, and the Sinking of El Faro, is now available for purchase via Amazon and Audible. A Book Review by Michael Carr Until now I did not understand, or even began to grasp, how EL FARO sailed directly into Hurricane Joaquin and quickly sank, drowning her 33 crew. After EL FARO’s … [Read more...]

We Won’t Learn Anything: What Sank El Faro and What Didn’t

On Wednesday night, the final rescue crews on the El Faro mission called in, "We are returning to base - negative results," and left the search area. The hearts of family and friends finished a breaking that began a week ago, and all they are left with now are questions. As unspeakably tragic as the last week has been, I know that more heartbreak is … [Read more...]

Debris Found in Search for Missing Cargo Ship ‘El Faro’

  Update (Monday, Oct. 5, 2015) - The U.S. Coast Guard has concluded that the American cargo El Faro likely sank in Hurricane Joaquin. A search for its 33 crewmembers continues Monday. One body has been found in the water. A heavily damaged lifeboat was also spotted. Monday Updates here: El Faro Likely Sank in Hurricane Update (Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015) - The … [Read more...]

Hurricane Joaquin Weakens in Bahamas as Search for Ship Continues

  By Brian K. Sullivan (Bloomberg) -- A weakening Hurricane Joaquin probably won’t be a threat to the U.S. as it turns north in the Atlantic away from the Bahamas, where it’s battering the islands with winds that fell to 125 miles (200 kilometers) per hour. A container ship with a 33-member crew is missing. Joaquin weakened to a Category 3 hurricane, down from a … [Read more...]