Pentagon Hints at Retaliation After Yemen Missile Fire

By Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali WASHINGTON, Oct 11 (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Tuesday warned that whoever fired missiles at a U.S. Navy destroyer and an accompanying ship off the coast of Yemen over the weekend had done so "at their own peril," language that suggested preparations for possible retaliation. Two shore-launched cruise missiles, which U.S. officials believe … [Read more...]

Merchant Vessels Off Yemen Brace for More Danger After Attacks on Navy Ships

By Jonathan Saul LONDON, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Missile attacks from Yemen on Western military craft risk spilling over into nearby busy sea lanes which could disrupt oil supplies and also other vital goods passing through the tense area, shipping and insurance sources say. While shipping companies have yet to divert ships, there are growing worries that any further … [Read more...]

U.S. Navy Destroyer Targeted in Missile Attack Off Yemen

By Phil Stewart WASHINGTON, Oct 9 (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer was targeted on Sunday in a failed missile attack from territory in Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi rebels, a U.S. military spokesman told Reuters, saying neither of the two missiles hit the ship. The attempted strike on the USS Mason, which was first reported by Reuters, came just … [Read more...]

Photos Show Catastrophic Damage to ‘HSV Swift’ Following Missile Attack

The Emirates News Agency has just released pictures showing damage to the HSV Swift after it was destroyed in an attack on Saturday. The HSV Swift was on a humanitarian mission in the Red Sea when it was targeted by Yemen's Houthi group in a missile attack near the Bab al-Mandab strait off Yemen, a key chokepoint for ships transiting between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red … [Read more...]

Yemeni Rebels Destroy UAE Military Logistics Ship in Red Sea

DUBAI (Reuters) - Arab coalition forces have launched operations against militia boats of Yemen's Houthi group that struck a civilian logistics ship on a humanitarian voyage in a strategic Red Sea shipping lane, the Saudi-led alliance said. The vessel, an Australian-built high-speed logistics catamaran under lease to the United Arab Emirates military, was attacked by Houthi … [Read more...]