WATCH: How To Pilot A Hovercraft

Large commercial hovercrafts are fast, highly maneuverable, can operate in a diverse set of environments and are extremely LOUD! But how do you drive one? This video from Apple Pi gives a good overview on the basics of operating a large commercial hovercraft.   … [Read more...]

WATCH: Canada’s Icebreaking Hovercraft Sipu Muin The CCGS Sipu Muin is a powerful, heavy hovercraft that is used for icebreaking on hard-to-access areas along the St. Lawrence River where conventional icebreakers cannot navigate. The hovercraft is also equipped as a buoytender, and can be used in search and rescue, environmental pollution response, and navigational aid … [Read more...]

Russian Hovercraft Parks On Crowded Beach [VIDEO]

Beachgoers in Russia got a little more than they bargained for when a massive military hovercraft made an unexpected landing on a crowded beach. According to the uploader, nobody was hurt and a spokesman for the Russian military told a local newspaper that the beach landing "is a normal event," but added "what people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for June 3rd, 2013: Float, Float On…

The Princess Margaret, an SR-N4 hovercraft at the Hovercraft Museum at Lee on the Solent, England (1,200 × 563 pixels) The museum has a large collection of over sixty hovercraft of various designs, including the last two remaining SR.N4 (Saunders-Roe Nautical 4; built by the British Hovercraft Corporation (BHC)) craft, the largest civil hovercrafts ever built. Both … [Read more...]

Zubr Class – World’s Largest Military Hovercraft

Gizmodo points us towards the Russian navy's Zubr Class hovercraft.  Now this is not a new design.  There have been three in service with the Russian Navy since 1988, with 2 more in the Ukraine navy and even more with the Greek navy. The vessels are designed for military transport with the capacity to carry nearly 130 tons of cargo including multiple tanks, … [Read more...]