Protesters Face Felony Charges Over Houston Ship Channel Disruption

By Erwin Seba HOUSTON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Texas authorities on Friday charged climate change protesters who shut down the largest U.S. energy-export port for a day by dangling on ropes from a bridge in Houston. The Harris County Sheriff's Office charged 31 people, including Greenpeace protesters and others who supported them, under a state law that makes it a felony to … [Read more...]

Greenpeace Activists Arrested for Blocking Houston Ship Channel

By Simon Casey and Barbara Powell (Bloomberg) --More than a dozen Greenpeace activists were arrested Thursday after partially shutting the Houston Ship Channel by suspending themselves from a bridge spanning the key oil route in protest against the fossil fuel industry. The section of the channel between Baytown and Spilmans Island was closed, according to the Coast Guard’s … [Read more...]

Greepeace Protesters Block Upper Houston Ship Channel

By Erwin Seba HOUSTON, Sept 12 (Reuters) - The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday closed part of the Houston Ship Channel to vessel traffic near Baytown, Texas, after 22 Greenpeace USA protesters suspended themselves by cables over the key oil export waterway. The closure of one portion of the channel, which stretches 53 miles (85 km) from its entrance in the Gulf of Mexico … [Read more...]

Houston Ship Channel Bottleneck Eases After Collision

HOUSTON, May 14 (Reuters) - A bottleneck of inbound traffic on the Houston Ship Channel eased on Tuesday though one-way travel restrictions remained following a weekend collision between a deep-draft ship and a barge, officials said on Tuesday. About 9,000 barrels of gasoline spilled into the channel near Bayport, Texas, when a 755-foot (230-meter) tanker collided over the … [Read more...]

Houston Ship Channel Shipping Returning to Normal After Chemical Spill, Weekend Storms

HOUSTON, April 8 (Reuters) - Ships were moving inbound and outbound on Monday morning through an area of the Houston Ship Channel that had been contaminated by a March chemical spill, the U.S. Coast Guard said, further loosening restrictions on the waterway. A total of 49 ships - 28 inbound, 21 outbound - were waiting to transit the 53-mile (85-km) waterway between the … [Read more...]