Helix: An Introduction to Well Intervention

By Trent Jacobs, Helix Energy Solutions Currently there are more than 5,000 subsea wells scattered across the globe, with more being drilled every day.  Many of those wells are already a decade old with many more not far behind. That's why in the last several years the techniques offered through well intervention have become ever more necessary to keep up with rising global … [Read more...]

Murphy receives BOEMRE approval for drilling in Green Canyon Block 338

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) has approved a deepwater permit for the drilling of a ninth well in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  The approval is a revised permit to sidetrack for Murphy Exploration & Production Company Well #A008 in Green Canyon Block 338 in 3,325 feet water depth, approximately … [Read more...]

International Officials To Discuss Supporting Oil Spill Containment Tech

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--International officials will meet in Washington April 14 to discuss promoting "cutting-edge technologies" for containing a spill at a deep-water oil well, the U.S. Interior Department said Monday. Officials from 13 nations and the European Union along with oil and gas industry representatives and non-governmental organizations have been invited to a … [Read more...]

Helix Oil Spill Group Expanding Reach To Stop Runaway Wells

Image: Helix's HRFS diagram courtesy Helix (click image to enlarge) HOUSTON (Dow Jones)--The Helix Well Containment Group will nearly double the depth at which it can contain out-of-control offshore oil and gas wells by mid summer, the consortium of oil companies said Wednesday. Currently the spill containment consortium's system--one of two developed by the industry in … [Read more...]