Photos: World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Makes Worldwide Debut in Spain

The world's biggest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's new Symphony of the Seas, made her worldwide debut on Tuesday at the port of Malaga in Spain. At 362-meters (1,188 feet) and 228,081 gross tonnes, Symphony of the Seas overtakes her sister ship, Harmony of the Seas, as the world's largest cruise ship by a little over 1,000 tonnes (Harmony of the Seas comes in at 226,963 … [Read more...]

Lifeboat Drill Accident: One Killed, Four Injured in Fall Aboard Harmony of the Seas

One crew member was killed and four others were injured Tuesday in an accident during lifeboat drill aboard the world's largest cruise ship. Royal Caribbean confirmed that a Harmony of the Seas crew member had died of injuries sustained during a lifeboat drill conducted in Marseille, France. For other Harmony of the Seas crew members are receiving medical treatment, the … [Read more...]