Fire Scorched Hansa Brandenburg Reaches Mauritius

The fire-scorched cargo vessel, MV Hansa Brandenburg, has reached Mauritius nearly two weeks after catching fire in the Indian Ocean. In an emailed statement, Leonhardt & Blumberg notes that that their vessel has been safely berthed in the port of St Louis, Mauritius after permission was granted from the authorities. The fire broke out 15 July while transiting from … [Read more...]

Hansa Brandenburg Fire Highlights Vessel Design Flaws

By Michael Grey, This week’s containership fire was located once again in the Indian Ocean, with the Hansa Brandenburg abandoned by her crew, after the container deck stacks ignited and blazed in an exceedingly alarming manner. One can hardly blame them for evacuating the vessel, with the container stowage immediately forward of the accommodation aboard what might … [Read more...]

Salvors Successful on Board MV Hansa Brandenburg, Fire is Out

UPDATE 2: 22 July Shipmanagement Company Leonhardt & Blumberg report that their container vessel MV “HANSA BRANDENBURG” is currently being towed to Mauritius after salvors have successfully been able to make a towing connection on the weekend. A final decision on the port of refuge yet has to be made. Upon arrival a further assessment of damage to the vessel … [Read more...]

MV Hansa Brandenburg: Fire Leaves Containership Burning and Adrift, Salvage Companies Contracted

UPDATE 18 July: Leonhardt & Blumberg spokesperson Cor Radings notes in a phone call that two salvage companies have been contracted, Five Oceans and SMIT Salvage, to begin work on saving the MV Hansa Brandenburg and her cargo.  Overflights from Mauritius have confirmed that the fire has affected the superstructure of the vessel, but a current status of the vessel is … [Read more...]