Halliburton’s Guilt Doesn’t Absolve BP

By Tom Shroder Another Deepwater Horizon aftershock today with Halliburton, the contractor in charge of the cement job that was supposed to keep the Macondo well from blowing out, admitting that it destroyed evidence. As usual with this disaster, it’s very complicated, but the Halliburton admission does NOT mean that BP can now put the blame on its contractor, though … [Read more...]

Halliburton: BP Hid Gulf Disaster Details

BP PLC's effort to save money while drilling the Deepwater Horizon oil well led it to withhold critical information from contractor Halliburton Co. in the run-up to the deadly explosion last year that caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, Halliburton contends in a lawsuit. The Houston-based oil-services company said that BP did not disclose that there was a … [Read more...]

Halliburton Sues BP Over False Information, Defamation

Halliburton Co. (HAL) yesterday filed a lawsuit against BP PLC in Texas state court claiming negligent misrepresentation, business disparagement and defamation related to the April 20, 2010 Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico.  Halliburton has also moved to amend its claims against BP in the multi-district litigation in New Orleans, Louisiana, to include … [Read more...]

BP Files Suit Against Halliburton

BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) said it had filed a lawsuit against Halliburton Co. (HAL), claiming its "misconduct" contributed to last year's Deepwater Horizon disaster that led to the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday, the first anniversary of the blowout on BP's Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon rig and … [Read more...]