Quadruple Bogeys

By Captain George Livingstone - Last month during the third round of The Players Championship, I watched Tiger Woods miss two shots in the water on the 17th hole, ultimately making a quadruple bogey. It was a first in his 23 year professional career, including 80 PGA Tour wins (2nd all-time most) and 40 European Tour wins (3rd all-time most). It was a mistake in the … [Read more...]

Methuselah Man

By Captain George Livingstone - The longer my career goes (nearing 40 years), the faster the world changes around me. It would not be earth shattering to note that prior generations have likely had similar thoughts. It is still remarkable, however, to witness 40ish couples in California’s Silicon Valley purchasing $2,400,000 homes in a single cash payment. I am told, in … [Read more...]

Capt George Livingstone: Alarm! Alarm! Alarm!

By Captain George Livingstone - One of my favorite war movies is the critically acclaimed 1981 film Das Boot, directed by Wolfgang Peterson.  It follows the WWII, German submarine U96 as it sets out on patrol in the Battle of the Atlantic.  If you haven’t seen it and have an interest in the genre, I highly recommend it.  There is a dramatic scene with the … [Read more...]