Moon Setting on Calm Water

The above photo was taken using a technique we published in a story titled "Shipboard Digital Camera Tricks". Many more great moon pictures by the photographer, Licya, can be found HERE. by Miranda Max Sailors and captains have been using the moon to navigate the sea for ages. The history between the moon and the sea is deep and rich. We find the relationship even in … [Read more...]

Running The Houston Ship Channel – At night

In the wake of "500 Knot Transit", Houston Pilot Lou Vest's time lapse photography of a recent tranist comes this photography of . Lou writes: This is another time lapse video made by setting a camera on a tripod (preferably, in this case a stack of books) and setting it to take a photo every 6 seconds. The playback is at 10 frames per second so the action is shown at 60 … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – gCaptain’s Flickr Photostream

Some of you may have noticed the recent change we made to gCaptain's homepage.  I will not get into the underlying reasons for the switch, but one thing we (and you hopefully) miss is the "Photo of the Day".  That being said, we want to do our best to promote what a great tool Flickr is for sharing photos amongst professionals and amateurs alike.  That is why we are starting … [Read more...]