TITAN Salvage Team nominated for the IMO’s 2009 Exceptional Bravery at Sea Award

The TITAN Salvage team involved in the dramatic, 12-hour cliff-top rescue of the 25 crewmembers onboard the grounded cargo ship Fedra and one rescue swimmer last year has been nominated for the International Maritime Organization's 2009 Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea. Salvage Officer Nigel Raithby, Salvage Foreman Terry Barrows, Assistant Salvage Master Stephen Wood, … [Read more...]

Salvors Having Trouble Freeing the Bow of M/V Fedra

Image Courtesy: CargoLaw.com Work is underway on the salvage operations of the M/V Fedra, the cargo ship that literally broke in two after being pinned against the cliffs of Europa Point in Gibraltar back in October.  Lloyds List has the details of the operation: The tugs Warrior and Neftegaz 57 have secured tow lines to the hull and are making the best of high spring tides … [Read more...]

MV Fedra Damage Survey – Flickr Slideshow

Maritime Photographer David Parody shot these photos of the M/V Fedra aground at Gibraltar. Play the entire slideshow and you will also get to view his photography of the M/V New Flame sinking in the Straight Of Gibraltar early this year. The full size HD version of this slideshow can be seen HERE. Photos Copyright DM Parody 2008 … [Read more...]

M/V FEDRA – Incident Photo Of The Week

This photo was taken today by Ship Spotter Adrian Perera near Gibraltar. Lloyds List tells us: EMERGENCY services from Gibraltar and Spain mounted a joint operation last night to save 31 seafarers whose cargo ship, the M/V Fedra, ran aground against Europa Point in severe weather. By 10.30pm on Friday night three men had been airlifted off by a Spanish rescue helicopter and … [Read more...]