Cameron “Robustly Defended” Britain’s Ownership Of Falkland Islands

(Bloomberg) U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner asserted their countries rights to the Falkland Islands as they traded diplomatic barbs across the Atlantic Ocean. Cameron said he had “robustly defended” Britain’s ownership of the islands at an EU-Latin America summit in Brussels, while Fernandez used a speech in Buenos … [Read more...]

Argentina: Falkland Islands Offshore Oil Exploration ‘Illegal’

BUENOS AIRES--Argentina's federal government has declared oil and gas exploration by five companies in the waters surrounding the disputed Falkland Islands to be "illegal." In five separate resolutions published Monday, the Energy Secretariat said that Desire Petroleum PLC (DES.LN), Rockhopper Exploration PLC (RKH.LN), Argos Resources Ltd. (AORGF, ARG.LN), Borders & … [Read more...]

Falkland Islands 2.0 – London Promises To Share In Offshore Windfall

The United Kingdom has stated they will share in a large discovery of oil off the coast of the once disputed Falkland Islands.  With royalties from the offshore well discovered by UK-based British explorer Rockhopper Exploration PLC exceeding $167-billion, many worry that the sum is high enough to kindle the embers of Argentina's pride which has mostly recovered since it's war … [Read more...]

Falkland Islands Revisited – Deepwater Well Found Dry

Argentina's largest oil and gas producer, YPF SA, said Tuesday that a deep-water well it drilled off Argentina's coast came up dry. YPF invested about $150 million to develop the well in an area known as Cuenca Malvinas, located about 300 kilometers off Argentina's southeastern coast near the disputed Falkland Islands. "Initial not show the presence of … [Read more...]