Chemical Tanker Attacked by Pirates Off Coast of Somalia

A Singapore-flagged chemical tanker was attacked by armed pirates off the coast of Somalia on Friday, but the attack was repelled after the ship's armed security returned fire, according to naval officials. The attack, which officials say is likely to be piracy related, was the first such incident to take place in the Horn of Africa region so far this year. The European … [Read more...]

EU NAVFOR Captures Six Suspected Pirates Off Somalia

A European Union naval force warship has captured six suspected pirates following alleged attacks on a containership and a fishing vessel off the coast of Somalia last week. The six suspected pirates were captured aboard their whaler by the crew of the Italian vessel ITS Virginio Fasan, the flagship of EU NAVFOR Somalia. The whaler is believed to have been used to used as … [Read more...]

‘Huge Explosion’ Heard from Ship Off the Coast of Somalia

BOSASSO, Somalia, June 27 (Reuters) - A huge explosion was heard from a ship off the coast of Somalia's Puntland region late on Monday and flames were seen rising from what might be a foreign vessel, an official in a nearby port said. "We heard (a) huge explosion and (saw) flame rising from the ship. I believe that the ship is foreign," Ali Shire, mayor of Puntland's port … [Read more...]

European Union Marks Eight Years Fighting Pirates Off Somalia

The European Union is marking eight years of counter-piracy naval operations off the coast of Somalia protecting World Food Programme vessels and international shipping from acts of piracy.  EU NAVFOR Somalia - Operation Atalanta was launched in 2008 in the response to the surge in armed pirate attacks on commercial ships and other vessels in the Gulf of Aden and off … [Read more...]