No Brexit Regrets for North England Port Town Caught Up in Offshore Wind

  By Jessica Shankleman   (Bloomberg) -- Martin Brydges landed his final catch as a fisherman in the English port of Grimsby a year ago, admitting defeat to an industry that virtually vanished over the four decades since the U.K. joined the European Union.The 58-year-old hasn’t stopped making a living from the North Sea, though. Brydges found work … [Read more...]

Standby Vessel Damaged in Collision With Wind Turbine Pile Off England

Liverpool Coastguard on Thursday was coordinating the response to a ship that was leaking oil following a collision with a wind turbine pile at wind farm off Cumbria, England. The Liverpool Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) received a call at 9:05 Thursday morning reporting that the standby safety vessel, OMS Pollux, had collided with a pile supporting a turbine at … [Read more...]

Historic Sea Forts of England

Historic Sea Forts An armada of sea forts were built during World War II specifically designed to repel smaller aircraft flying in to attack Great Britain. Each fort consisted of a cluster of smaller units arrayed in a group. Each group had one spotlight tower and the rest of the units had guns mounted all around to give maximum coverage. Each fort was connected by bridges to … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for February 20, 2012: Alas Poor Yorck; The Raid on Scarborough

What is naval power for? There is no permanent answer. Unlike land-based military might - designed for the conquest of human-occupied territory - sea power has had different functions at different times. In the 19th century, the purpose of "gunboat diplomacy" was to offer a mobile deterrent…. In the first world war (and in the second) the aim was to prevent or deliver … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for December 19, 2011: England Expects

nautical tattoos; history and art illustrations by Bowsprite Something England DIDN'T Expect: Friday, December 16th is the 238th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.  Map: Anniv of Boston Tea Party, Boston Harbor (1905) originally posted to the BIG Map Blog. see also: 1906: Boston Harbor & waterfront. Panorama of two 8x10 glass neg » GOLDEN GROVE by Frank … [Read more...]