Cape Wind, Once Hailed as First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm, is Officially Dead

By Brian Eckhouse and Joe Ryan (Bloomberg) -- Cape Wind, the offshore wind project off the coast of Massachusetts that drew the ire of the Kennedy and Koch families, is officially dead. Energy Management Inc. has ceased efforts to build what was once expected to become the first offshore wind farm in the U.S., according to an emailed statement from Chief Executive Officer … [Read more...]

Trump Shifts Tone on Climate Change, Environmentalists Scoff

By Joe Ryan (Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump, who called climate change a hoax during his campaign and vowed to pull out of the Paris accord, now says global warming might be real after all. The Republican president-elect told the New York Times Tuesday that perhaps humans are to blame for the rising temperatures that are melting polar ice caps and have been linked to … [Read more...]

Europe’s Offshore Wind Industry Eyeing Atlantic Crossing

By Christoph Steitz FRANKFURT, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Yield-hungry investors in the offshore wind market are switching their sights to the United States as future support for the industry in Europe remains uncertain, leaving billions of euros looking for a new home. The shift in focus comes as three states on the U.S. east coast -- Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York -- … [Read more...]