Maritime Monday for April 30, 2012

In former times, when war and strife The French invasion threaten'd life An' all was armed to the knife The Fisherman hung the monkey O ! The Fishermen with courage high, Siezed on the monkey for a French spy; "Hang him !" says one; "he's to die" They did and they hung the monkey Oh! They tried every means to make him speak And tortured the monkey till loud he did … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday; week ending July 10, 2011

Golden Age Comic Book Stories (original) – via theticketthatexploded HMS Implacable first saw service in the Napoleonic Wars. It was originally a French ship, captured in the last action of the Trafalgar Campaign in 1805. The stern gallery shown here is on display at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich in the UK. Intricate Ship Sterns: Art on the … [Read more...]